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Advt Soul is a unique Digital Out Of Home(DOOH) advertising company, as a catalyst to facilitate the advertisers to reach their targeted customers. For advertisers to promote their brands to a mix of market segments,the advt soul offers digital branding as an elucidation through LED Screens of varied sizes that uninterruptedly displays the advertisements across all public places.

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Why Advt Soul

Across Hyderabad twin cities, each day several lakhs of people spend time ranging from few minutes to hours at shopping malls, restaurants, hospitals, educational institutions, medical stores, bus stands, petrol pumps, and counters either to buy tickets or for some other purpose. As all these are static places, there is an immense scope for advertisers to display their products or services. People glancing the non-static modes of advertisements viz. hoardings, TV channels, YouTube Mobile Apps or on the moving modes of transport, are either on the move or restless to watch the displays, due to differences in priorities. As the public places are static in nature enabling a market space, negotiations are in the concluding stage to install LED Screens of varied sizes. The LED Screens offer a unique market space for the advertisers to display advertisements pertaining to related products/services at a very competitive price, providing an opportunity to reach lakhs of people daily.

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Largest outdoor advertising company
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Best Outdoor Adversting Agency

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digital advertising agency
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Top Outdoor Adversting Company
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Top Outdoor Adversting Company
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