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Advt Soul is a unique outdoor advertising company incepted in 2019, as a catalyst to facilitate the advertisers reaches their targeted customers. Outdoor advertising gives brands an opportunity to reach and engage people on the move. It showcases key marketing messages in locations traversed by mass audiences often difficult to reach via other media. For advertisers to promote their brands to a mix of market segments, advt soul offers the digital branding as an elucidation through LED Screens of varied sizes that uninterruptedly displays the advertisements across all places of public gathering in large number.

The routine medium of advertising on hoardings, TV Commercials, Metro Ads, and YouTube mobile apps, has its limitations and doesn’t reward the desired results, as:

  • Hoardings: The public focus is on reaching the destination, not on the advertisements.
  • TV Commercials: Usually change the channels when the advertisements play
  • Metro Train Ads: Focus is on the journey, not on the ads specifically
  • YouTube Mobile Apps: Just skip away as most of the ads are not relevant or irritating
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Furthermore, a recent study by advt soul found that 83% of shoppers in Telangana see at-least one out of home advertisement, within 30-minutes of hitting the shelves. To leverage on the opportunity market space to advertisers, in a very unique way, the advt soul is offering advertising space on LED Screens of varied sizes installed at hospitals, shopping malls, petrol pumps, colleges and other places of public gathering to advertise diversified brands to gain the attention of the prospective customers.
Our well-thought out and perfectly implemented solutions can maximize impact on consumer minds and aims for maximum profit at a minimum cost. While we are well-versed in the new digital media, we still believe in keeping the human connection. That means listening and talking, and solving problems together, in real-time, across the table.

Our Vision

To be the most valued partner in facilitating business growth and success of our clients

Digital Advertising at Shopping Malls, Cinema Halls, Hospitals, Cafes, Petrol Pumps, Educational Institutions, Miscellaneous places. Right place and the Right Time to Advertise. Tailor-made packages. Real-Time Analytics on 24/7 at your fingertips.

Our Mission

"To Build a world class outdoor advertising company by providing the most cost-effective outdoor campaigns complemented by the best tools, systems, creating the most innovative and pertinent solutions, through an efficient team of energetic , talented, skillful and passionate professionals to drive advt soul as a Leading Outdoor Media Specialist."

Management Philosophy

Success doesn’t happen overnight. It is the result of meticulous planning, timely action, committed teamwork and pursuit of excellence on a continuous basis to manage change and obsolescence to keep the competitive edge sharp and give optimum value to clients.

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Outdoor advertising gives brands an opportunity to reach and engage people on the move. It showcases your ads in locations traversed by mass audiences often difficult to reach via other media.

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